Alice Connew is a photographer, though she is occasionally known to dabble in graphic design. She is the co-founder of GLORIA Books, a publishing collective focussed on the publication of art and photography books.

She was born in New Zealand and studied at Ilam School of Fine Arts in Christchurch.

She lives and works in Berlin.

Upcoming & Current Events and Exhibitions

April 2019 | Exhibition, Present Tense : Wāhine Toi Aotearoa, RAMP Gallery, Kirikiriroa Hamilton, NZ. Join us at the opening on April 30, 4pm.

October 2019 | GLORIA, Friends With Books.

March 2019 | Exhibition, Postcard Salon, Jarvis Dooney Gallery. Join us at the vernissage on March 7.

March 2019 | GLORIA, Graphic Days Leipzig.

October 2018 GLORIA, Friends With Books http://friendswithbooks.org/

August 2018 | Article, 'A trip to the Bauhaus: Reflecting on a century of women in design', Designers Speak (Up) Read the full piece here

April 2018 Interview, Impressa Magazine impressamag.com/forty-three-alice-connew/

Mar 3 - Apr 21, 2018  'Petersburger Hängung' Postcard Salon, Jarvis Dooney Galerie, Berlin.

Dec 17, 2017 Print & Book Fair, FKK, Berlin

Nov 15, 2017 - Jan 7, 2018 Forty Three, Solo Exhibition, EWA Frauenzentrum, Berlin

Sept 2017 Forty Three, Book Launch, Doomed Gallery, London. RSVP here.

Sept 2017 Forty Three, Book Launch, Strange Haven, Auckland. RSVP here.

2017 From Across the Gulf, Group Exhibition, The Ballery, Berlin

2017 From Across the Gulf, Group Exhibition, FotoKlub Kollektiv, Berlin

2015 Interview, Photobook Melbourne http://www.photobookmelbourne.org/news/bruce-and-alice-connew/

2015 Forty Three, Group Exhibition, Pudderraum, Berlin

2014 The Poetic Narrative, Online Group Exhibition, curated by Ashley Kauschinger & Ethan Fogus, Oranberg Press

2013 Interviewed by Karys McEwan, Portable TV http://portable.tv/loves/post/alice-connew-wasn’talways

2013 alice | klar, eXP12 Gallery, Group Slideshow, Berlin

2013 alice | klar, Filmkunst, Group Slideshow, Berlin

2010 Mugz on Mugs, S.K.U.B. Salon, Group Exhibition, Ilam SFA, Christchurch

2009 This Won’t Hurt, S.K.U.B. Salon, Group Exhibition, Ilam SFA, Christchurch